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Bailey Books

Semi-cosy crime mysteries set in Farnham, a not-so-sleepy town in Surrey, UK.


Bailey Jacobs, Episodes 1 to 4


Bailey takes on a new hobby as an amateur sleuth, investigating local crimes and mysteries and creating more problems than she solves.

While a dog snatcher, deceptive thief, devious neighbour and dodgy art dealer, all do their best to keep Bailey busy, an encrypted message from her dead father results in her stirring up the past and making a chilling new enemy.


Bailey Jacobs, Episodes 5 to 8


Bailey faces her biggest mystery to date ... a newspaper that foretells the future with impossible accuracy. And now it's predicted her death.

Suddenly sleuthing has become a serious business and as she sidesteps the law in search of answers, Bailey confronts a faceless enemy who has a burning need for revenge.


Bailey Jacobs, Episodes 9 to 12


Bailey's been practicing P.I. stuff and is itching to test her new skills on real people. When she's implicated in a local burglary, she finally gets the chance.

But burglary is only the beginning. A secret admirer poisons her, a mysterious caller threatens her and she’s lured into an elaborate trap with no escape and the very real chance someone will die.

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