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A Dysfunctional Teenager Investigating Mysteries

Seventeen year old Bailey Jacobs solves mysteries in unconventional style. She’s stubborn and bullheaded, and inevitably things go wrong. With each adventure, her nosy-nature digs her deeper into trouble and soon she realises some mysteries are best left unsolved.

YA Crime Mysteries

Set in Farnham, an historic market town nestled in the rolling hills of Surrey, England, these Young Adult crime mysteries will captivate and enthral right to the very last twist. It's Veronica Mars with a pinch of Jessica Jones, living in the Home Counties.

Episode 2 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Flying Thief

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A three-theft mystery with one suspect and almost no chance to solve it.

Following her success unravelling the mystery of the disappearing dogs, seventeen year old Bailey Jacobs is on the lookout for a new crime to investigate. She’s also on the lookout for a new job. But good crimes are hard to find and good jobs even harder. When three puzzling thefts appear at the same time as an advert for a waitress at a coffee shop, Bailey’s interest is piqued and she sets off to solve the crimes and secure the job.

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Episode 1 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Disappearing Dogs

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Saving the dogs might help her save herself.

Since losing her job and dumping her boyfriend, seventeen year old Bailey Jacobs' once zestful appetite for life has been eroded by depression. Something needs to change, and fast. When local dogs begin to go missing and Bailey stumbles upon a clue, solving the mystery could be just the thing she needs to get her life back on track.

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Forthcoming Episodes in the Series

Episode 3 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Bungled Burglary

When a neighbour's house is broken into, Bailey offers her services to solve the crime.

Due for release 30th November 2018

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Episode 4 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Dealer's Den

Bailey tackles her biggest case to date when she infiltrates the home of a sinister crime boss.

Due for release 20th December 2018

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