Crime Mysteries with a Teenage Sleuth

At a crossroads in her life, seventeen year old Bailey Jacobs discovers a formidable knack for clearing up crimes and solving mysteries. Although her bullheaded approach often creates more problems than it solves, Bailey's endearing and extremely lucky nature usually gets her through. With each new adventure, the stakes increase as investigations lead her deeper into trouble and she begins to realise that some mysteries are best left unsolved.


A Picturesque Town in Surrey, England

Based in Farnham, an historic market town nestled in the rolling hills of Surrey, these light-hearted crime mysteries are a semi-cosy blend of humour and thrills that entertain to the very last twist. It's Veronica Mars meets Agatha Raisin, with a pinch of Jessica Jones.

Episode 4 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Dealer's Den

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An evening out causes chaos at work and a new case turns out to be more dangerous than anything she has faced before.

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Episode 3 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Bungled Burglary

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A new job brings new complications, but Bailey still manages to solve a puzzling case and decode a cryptic clue.

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Episode 2 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Flying Thief

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Interested by a string of related thefts, Bailey relies on a bullheaded approach to catch the culprit.

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Episode 1 ...

Bailey Jacobs and the Disappearing Dogs

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Bailey's first case lands her in trouble with the law as she investigates the mysterious disappearance of local dogs.

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Forthcoming episodes in the series ...

Episode 5 - Bailey Jacobs and Tomorrow's News

An impossible newspaper predicts Bailey's death.
Due for release 2019
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