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Released Aug, 2022


Bailey Jacobs, Episodes 9 to 12


An unhinged mind with an extravagant plan … to destroy Bailey Jacobs.

After weeks of training to be a better Private Investigator, Bailey is desperate to test her new skills in the real world. She finally gets the chance when she’s implicated in a local burglary and sets out to clear her name. 

But burglary is only the beginning. A secret admirer poisons her, a mysterious caller threatens her and she’s lured into an elaborate trap with no escape and the very real chance someone will die.

For Bailey to solve the case and save a life she'll have to pull out every trick she’s learned. But has her training prepared her for this? Because the person she’s trying to catch, is the life she needs to save.

Set in the not-so-sleepy town of Farnham, Surrey, this semi-cosy mystery delivers a lively blend of crime and humour that entertains to the very last twist.

This book includes the final four episodes of the First Series ...
Episode 9 - Bailey Jacobs and the Widow's Ring
Episode 10 - Bailey Jacobs and the Chocolate Casualty
Episode 11 - Bailey Jacobs and the Broken Promise
Episode 12 - Bailey Jacobs and the Grip of Death

+13 years
This book contains mild sexual references, moderate violence, random moderate swearing and moderate threat to life.


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