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Released Feb, 2019


Bailey Jacobs, Episodes 1 to 4


One amateur sleuth, four curious cases and a whole lot of trouble.

Unhappy with life and desperate for something to change, seventeen-year-old Bailey Jacobs tries her hand at investigating local crimes. But her no-nonsense, bullheaded approach often creates more problems than it solves.

While a dog snatcher, deceptive thief, devious neighbour and dodgy art dealer, all do their best to keep Bailey busy, an encrypted message from her dead father results in her stirring up the past and making a chilling new enemy.

As the risks increase and the mysteries thicken, Bailey will have to be daring and creative if she is to outsmart the criminals, solve the cases and be home in time for tea.

Set in the not-so-sleepy town of Farnham, Surrey, this semi-cosy mystery delivers a lively blend of crime and humour that entertains to the very last twist.

This book includes the first four episodes of the First Series ...
Episode 1 - Bailey Jacobs and the Disappearing Dogs
Episode 2 - Bailey Jacobs and the Flying Thief
Episode 3 - Bailey Jacobs and the Bungled Burglary
Episode 4 - Bailey Jacobs and the Dealer's Den

+13 years
This book contains mild sexual references, mild violence, random moderate swearing and moderate threat to life.


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Reader Reviews


A Cracking Read
From the first to last page, I loved this book. I found myself willing on Bailey at her attempts to solve local crimes, laughing one minute and dreading making the turn of the page for what she might do the next.
- J Moore


Loved it From Start to Finish
Barrington paints a fantastic picture of the seventeen year old heroine, Bailey, an amateur sleuth from the sleepy Surrey town of Farnham ... she has to solve mysteries and still be home in time for tea!
- Amazon Customer


Thoroughly Recommended
The character of Bailey Jacobs is personable, quirky and utterly relatable to all readers despite her youth. She is a character who is initially down on her luck, and you root for her throughout the book. The insights into her life and thoughts that VJ Barrington writes so beautifully really enables her youthful years to transcend generations.
- Amazon Customer


Exciting, Fun and Well Worth the Read
This book is amazing. Having grown up in Farnham I could totally picture the places where Bailey was and really felt like I could connect with her. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading mysteries / detective novels. I can’t wait for the next instalment!
- Susan Ralph


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