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Generous Reviews for Book Two

The second Bailey Jacobs book was released last month and reviews are starting to come in. People seem to like it.
Extracts of some of the 5-Star reviews for Book 2.

BAILEY'S BACK - Larger than life and better than the first time round!

This instalment of Bailey is just as good as the first, if not a little better!

Once again, the writing totally captures the character of the engaging female heroine and the twists & turns of her life in the (not so sleepy) town of Farnham. Bailey is both infuriating and loveable in equal measures - Barrington has created a totally believable teenager!

The book is a real page turner, and you can't wait to see what happens next to Bailey. The writing moves at a great pace, with equal amounts of humour and suspense.

I love Bailey and I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Looking forward to more Bailey in the future ...


Addictive, Excellent and Entertaining. Welcome back Bailey!

Absolutely Addictive! Yet again I could not put this book down, it had me gripped from beginning to end.

Bailey reminds me so much of when I was a teenager and I felt connected to her once again.

Perfect read for anyone who has never read a mystery/crime novel before as it is broken up into short stories but it will leave you wanting more!


An Excellent Read

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Bailey is a very interesting character with loads of personality and attitude. I did feel frustrated by some of the things she did, but somehow I was always on her side. The book is humorous in parts but also cleverly laced with suspense which makes this a page turner. I am looking forward to next chapters!!


Bailey is STILL in Trouble

Bailey is certainly growing up from the last book but trouble still finds her and that is trouble with a capital T! No matter how good she tries to be, something always goes wrong and there is still a homicidal killer after her, just how close can he get?

The text flows well from chapter to chapter and I found it difficult to put down. It is lightened by humour, yet the menace is always there under the surface and I don't know how Bailey copes with each new threat! There is an underlying thread through all these stories and although they can be read individually, you can sense that the knot is tightening and worse is yet to come!


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