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Third and Final Bailey Book

The long wait is over ... the final book in the first series is due to be published on 01-Aug-22. Get a glimpse of what you can expect in these four new episodes.
Final book is set for release 01-Aug-22.

Worth the Wait

This last book in the first series has taken longer to produce than I expected. There was a lot to fit in with a myriad of story threads to cover and close. But I promise ... it will be worth the wait.

In these four new episodes, Bailey solves mysteries, answers questions and gets caught up in an elaborate plan to destroy her. She can normally talk her way out of most things, but this time there's a very real chance that someone will die. 

She's Been Practicing

In the last book she promised Matt she wouldn't sleuth again, but that doesn't mean she has to stop practicing and anyway ... she had her fingers crossed at the time.

Now, ten weeks later and with the Colonel's help, she's developed her skills to be a better Private Investigator: learning the art of stealth, intuitive thinking, people manipulation. She's even started throwing axes. But after weeks of training and theory, she's desperate to test her skills in the real world.

Needless to say, she gets the chance ... and so begins a string of mysteries that are so obviously unrelated they have to be connected. With Christine at her side, Bailey sets out to investigate and together, they tiptoe around the law and pick at the clues to get to the truth.

So What About ... ?

As the last book in this first series, most of the ongoing story threads are concluded, including ...

  • her father, who's not such a nice man
  • her conflict with PC Tierney
  • the mysterious Morgan

We also discover the owner of her favourite ring, Smeak's current whereabouts, and what Aunt Liz is really like.

You may finish the book and have some new questions needing answered, but hopefully they can wait for the next series.


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