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Bailey's Brother Almost Reveals All

Timothy Jacobs talks about his likes (mostly computers) and hates (mostly his sister) and what he and his sister are working on at the moment (mostly nothing).
May 2018. The Farnham Echo's edition covering the discovery of the missing dogs.

Interview with Timothy Jacobs

Nice to meet you, Timothy. May I call you Tim?
I'd rather you didn't. 

As you know, I interviewed your sister recently so it seems only fair to speak to you as well.

Can you tell us how you're doing, what you're up to and what part you play in Bailey's investigations?
I don't play any part in her investigations. I've got nothing to do with her. If I had my way she wouldn't even be living with us. I can't stand her. She's a drama queen. And she hogs the bathroom. Aside from that, I'm okay.

I understand you're a bit of a whiz with a computer.
Just a bit. I like coding stuff. Games mostly. 

Did you use your computer skills to help Bailey with one of her cases?
Er ... maybe. But I don't think I should talk about that.

Does Bailey have any bad habits? What does she do that really gets on your nerves?
Everything. Like I said, I can't stand her. If I do something wrong then I get into trouble, but if she does something wrong she wrangles out of it. Everyone favours her. Even Mum prefers her over me. And she leaves her make-up everywhere. I don't know why she bothers. She's so ugly she should put a bag over it.

Aren't you proud of her for the things she's done?
No. She gets lucky, that's all. If I had the luck she had I'd be lucky too. That dog thing she did fell into her lap. Okay so she got arrested and beaten up, but anyone could have done that. She's nothing special.

Do you have a girlfriend, Tim?
It's Timothy, and no. Not yet. I'm not fussed about girls, but if I was, she'd be everything my sister isn't. She wouldn't be spiteful, she wouldn't be selfish and she wouldn't be ugly. But I'm too busy for girls, I've got my computers. I'm working on level 3 of Blisterman ... it's a new game. Can't say much more than that though. 

Just one more question if I may, what is Bailey working on at the moment?
Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you. She'd kill me if I did. I'd wake up tomorrow with no eyebrows. Or she'd burn my comics again. Is that it? Can I go now?

. . .

Interview by Lawrence Williams
Farnham Echo


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