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Update on the Second Bailey Book

VJ talks about progress with the second book and why Bailey should watch out as the stakes ramp up big time.
June 2020. The book is written and the cover is ready.

Another One Done

I've finished writing the second Bailey book (Bailey Jacobs, Episodes 5 to 8) and it's currently being passed through the team of beta-readers. Initial feedback is good, with general consensus suggesting this book is more exciting than the first.

And I agree. 

This second book includes the next four episodes and without the need to fill in the details of Bailey's world, I was able to inject more action, more pace and more tension. It's longer as well.

It opens with Bailey Jacobs and Tomorrow's News. I've always fancied writing about a newspaper that predicts the future. It was a lot of fun for me, but definitely not for Bailey ... especially as the newspaper ends up predicting her death.

The Unsavoury Sponge was fun to write too. In it Bailey crosses swords with the captain of the school netball team, an altercation that leads to someone almost being choked to death.

Third up is the Third Batsman, an episode focussed around Farnham Cricket Club that I wrote with the help and support of the present Chairman of the club. I hope I haven't trodden on too many toes ... just remember that everything is from Bailey's perspective and any sour-talk is no reflection of my personal views.

The last episode of this book, Bailey Jacobs and the Missing Money, sees Bailey tackling a faceless enemy who has a burning desire for revenge. Probably the most serious quest she has undertaken, Bailey will need to have her wits about her if she's to succeed and make it home in time for tea.

I hope you enjoy reading these episodes as much as I enjoyed writing them.

This book is due for release on 28th September 2020 and you'll be able to find it on Amazon ...

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