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Lawrence Williams Corners Bailey in Farnham Park

The Farnham Echo's slippery reporter cornered Bailey in the park and she agreed to answer a few questions if he left her alone for the rest of the week.
Bailey Jacobs. Not to be crossed.

Interview with Bailey Jacobs

Thanks for talking to me, I know you don't like dealing with the press.
Can you blame me?

What is it about solving crimes that you enjoy?
I don’t just do crimes. Mysteries too. It’s the mysteries I enjoy the most—figuring out what happened when nobody else can—it's a buzz. Well, most of the time.

At seventeen, aren’t you a little young to be meddling in crimes and mysteries?

Do you want to make sleuthing a career?
Oh yeah, I think so. At the moment I’m washing up at a cafe in town. It's only a short-term thing. My boss is a dickhead, but I’ve got to keep working to pay off the money I owe him. I’d like to make investigating a living if I can. Thing is, there’s not much to investigate around here.

What do you say to people who think you're a bit too ... pushy?
Me? Who said that?

What are your loves and hates?
I love animals, especially dogs, but any animal is top in my book. I hate bullies and I hate being told what to do.

You didn't excel at school, don't you need to improve your skills to be a good detective?
Are you asking me or telling me? Actually, the Colonel's helping me with that. He's pretty smart for an old boy.

What are you working on at the moment?
I can't talk about current cases. Let's just say I've got my fingers into a few things.

Is it a crime or mystery?
I can't say and even if I could, I wouldn't tell you. Look, I've got to go. I'm late for work already.

Just one more question ...
Nope. Smeak will flip if I'm late again. I'm off.

Thanks anyway. The readers at the Farnham Echo always enjoy catching up with your exploits.

. . .

Interview by Lawrence Williams
Farnham Echo

Editor's note ...
Bailey lives in Farnham, Surrey. If local residents or businesses need a private investigator to uncover a mystery or crime, she can be contacted through the Farnham Echo paper. Under no circumstances should she be cornered in the park. And potential clients should not bother her at home. Or at work.


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