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Bailey Jacobs and the Flying Thief

A three-theft mystery with one suspect and almost no chance to solve it.

Following her success unravelling the mystery of the disappearing dogs, seventeen year old Bailey Jacobs is on the lookout for a new crime to investigate. She’s also on the lookout for a new job. But good crimes are hard to find and good jobs even harder.

When three puzzling thefts appear at the same time as an advert for a waitress at a coffee shop, Bailey’s interest is piqued and she sets off to solve the crimes and secure the job.

However, the despicable Mr Smeak stands between Bailey and the waitress position at the coffee shop. He also becomes her prime suspect in the case.

Bailey devizes a plan to confront Smeak and trick him into a confession. But if she’s wrong about Smeak then she’ll lose the chance to solve the case — and any chance to land the job.

Set in the rolling hills of Surrey, England, this semi-cosy mystery delivers a lively blend of crime and humour that entertains to the very last twist.

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Very enjoyable read, fast paced, great description of scenes and characters.
Kelly and Cris
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VJ Barrington
Thank you. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.
VJ Barrington

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