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Bailey Jacobs and the Disappearing Dogs

Saving the dogs might help her save herself.

Since losing her job and dumping her boyfriend, seventeen year old Bailey Jacobs' once zestful appetite for life has been eroded by depression. Something needs to change, and fast.

When local dogs begin to go missing and Bailey stumbles upon a clue, solving the mystery could be just the thing she needs to get her life back on track.

Although certain she’s identified the dog-snatcher, the police won’t listen, causing Bailey's trademark bull-headedness to surface. She's determined to convince them, even if it means breaking the law to do so. But getting into trouble with the cops will be the least of her worries when the dogsnatcher catches onto her snooping around.

Now Bailey must not only persuade the police, she'll also have to survive a confrontation with the dog-snatcher in order to save the dogs from a fate too grim to mention.

Set in the rolling hills of Surrey, England, this semi-cosy mystery delivers a lively blend of crime and humour that entertains to the very last twist.

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