About VJ Barrington



I live with my wife and dogs in a quiet Victorian town on the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland. After half a lifetime travelling the world, this is an ideal place to settle down. This country is so beautiful, if it were a few degrees warmer it would be the Caribbean of Europe.


I don't know where the idea for a 17 year old female sleuth first came from. I have nothing in common with her aside from the fact I love animals and once lived in Farnham, where her misadventures take place.



I'm inspired by authors who take time to craft a novel and weave story-lines that deliver more than first appears. Unforgettable characters, memorable dialogue and unexpected plot twists are the core ingredients of all my favourite authors ... Jeffery Deaver, Agatha Christie and Thomas Harris.

I also much admire every Independent Author who has managed to juggle their love of writing with a full-time job. These multi-talented folk rely on dedication and determination to see it through.


YouTube Channel

I make videos about my writing, including my experience self-publishing and the journey to record my first audio-book. I also post tips and tricks that I've picked up from other authors over the years. VJ Barrington YouTube Channel.


Current Projects

I'm currently working on episodes 5 to 8 of the First Series of Bailey Jacobs. They should be ready for publication later this year ... sometime after summer. If you register as a member, I'll keep you posted with all the latest news and special offers.


I Don't Bite

I try to answer all the mail I get so please feel free to get in touch.


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